Coronavirus is not a common seasonal flu. Influenza spreads faster and has a shorter incubation period, but the probability of dying from coronavirus infection is 40 times higher in all age groups. The incubation period for coronavirus is approximately 14 days. Thus, a full two weeks elapse from the day of infection until the onset of the first symptoms.Fever and dry cough appear at the very beginning of the disease, after about a week, shortness of breath is usually added.According to the World Health Organization, fatigue is also a common symptom. Occasional symptoms include runny nose, aches, headaches and sore throats or diarrhea.Some people infected with the virus may also experience loss of smell and taste. These symptoms can also occur in so-called hidden vectors of the disease. The Ministry of Health recommends a 14-day quarantine for people who have experienced loss of taste and smell without other symptoms of the disease.

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